The Republic of Kosovo is surrounded by mountains on its west and south, and lower ones in the central part. Although there are some established trails, we offer certified Guides that can lead you all over mountains and trails.

The best hiking can be done in the mountains in the west and south with some expeditions going on in the neighbouring countries just across the border in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro. (Triangle Gjeravica Mountains- Kosova-Albania –Montenegro) Rugova George, Hajla, Guri i Kuq, Kuqishta, Lake and Drelaj.

In Deçan you can go Hiking on these mountains -Maja e Rops,Marjashi,Strellci,Gjeravica ,Logu i Prelsh (Deçani Mountains),Maja e Qferles and a lot more.In Valbone Jezerca,Rosi,Kollata Grykat e Hapeta, Maja e Hekurave ,Valbone- Theth and more. Gjeravica`s Lakes, on side of Junik there a small and a big lake, on the other side there the lake Heart and Read (Zemer dhe i kuq), Pashtrik, Korab, on the Macedonia’s side and Albania’s side. The Cursed Mountains (Bjeshket e Nemuna) from Thethi to Koretnik near Istog, plus the mountains of Hoti near Shkodra.

Bjeshkët e Nemura (Cursed Mountains) – Maja MARIASHI – Bogdashi 2533m/lmd

All participants must be there 7:00 in the morning; the time of return will be 20:30.

We will cover 20 km, 5 hours in total to go up the mountain, and 3:30 + to return.

The hiking planed is 1233 m/nmd, and 700m/nmd.

Kind of Activities planed - Tipi i akivitetit - mountaineering action, resting in nature, hiking, fun etc.

Difficulties that might be encountered: Kategoria e vështërsise se bjeshkimit (difficult hiking, steep uphill, rocks.

Necessary Equipment: Winter shoes, light clothes, reserve socks.. Kind of Transportation: Minivan- HC Lumbardhit.